“Because to us, Lemay will always mean home.

I agree with this line with my whole heart. I was born and raised in Lemay, my children born and raised in Lemay, the roots of my family are in Lemay. I struggle to find the right words to tell you how much I appreciate the work and contribution that Lemay Housing Partnership does to help this community, other than to just say thank you, it doesn’t seem like enough.

I many times saw your assistance. I myself…was helped by your organization at a time of need. After selling my house out of necessity, I rented a duplex in Lemay until I remarried. (Although I don’t live in Lemay now), I still continue to participate in the Hancock schools, we still attend church in Lemay and participate in many neighborhood functions.”

— Saint Louis homeowner

Lemay is a terrific place to call home. Only twenty minutes south of the Arch in Saint Louis County and right on the river, neighbors here take care of each other and have tremendous pride in their neighborhoods.

For over 15 years, LHP has worked to assist homeowners with the things they need to remain in their home and to bring new families to the area. Won’t you join us?

Home Repair Program

LHP provides quality, professional home repairs to low and moderate income homeowners who cannot afford the necessary improvements needed to increase the health and safety of their home.


Homeowner and Homebuyer Education Workshops

LHP provides a Homebuyer and Homeowner Education Workshop Series to any interested individual. The goal is to create more sustainable homeownership opportunities for local residents and residents throughout the St Louis Metropolitan Area.


Residential Development

LHP develops affordable housing in the Lemay community. The developments primarily focus on stabilizing the existing neighborhoods and creating more modern and efficient housing options for Lemay residents.